Portable Pizza Pouch

Attention Pizza Lovers; This pizza-preserving necklace keeps our nation’s favorite pseudo-Italian snack safe and toasty within a zip-lock pouch.

Fake News Button

Tired of folks coming up to you all day spouting their fake news?  Now with the push of a button you can call out those…

Self Stirring Mug

We got a self-stirring mug now. What’s next? Maybe next mug will make coffee and add sugar to our own taste. Best time to live!

Mr. Sniffles Egg Separator

A gag and fun way when to cook your eggs because mornings are not fun for most of the time. Unique kitchen accessories guaranteeing some eyeballs from…

Gummy Brains Candy

If you want to become a zombie, why not start with eating brains?! But start with something that edible at least, like candy.