20 Hilarious Novelty Toilet Papers That Will Delight As You Wipe

2020 seems to be the year of the toilet paper, and for good reason. Nobody wants to fathom ever running out of the stuff, and this year has really pushed that limit of comfort. People bought up all of the toilet paper they could, but maybe they should have considered buying up these rolls instead. They’ll have you rolling in laughter, all the while still being functional. These toilet paper novelty items are perfect for a year that has revolved around toilet paper. Lockdown can get depressing, but these toilet papers are sure to give you a laugh while lightening things up a little. Here are twenty hilarious toilet papers that won’t wipe the smile off your face, but will wipe…well you get the idea.

Funny Novelty Toilet Paper Hilarious

2020 has produced plenty of emergencies, and running out of toilet paper was a very clear reality for many people. This roll is perfect for those 2020 moments of desperation. At least this emergency roll is funny, and it’s easy to find as well. Nobody will miss the red all over it. However, perhaps it’s just best to be thankful that the red is dye and not something else this time because the roll would have a lot more emergency and a lot less humor at that point.

Fairly Odd Novelties Novelty Political

Plenty of people wanted to dump Trump, and now they can do something else with those two words thanks to this toilet paper novelty. Featuring the man himself, this roll is perfect for anyone who has ever wanted to wipe their ass with the ass himself. This toilet paper is perfect for anyone in your life who isn’t necessarily pleased with the president. It’s also perfect for the Trump supporter in your life you don’t like, or the one that has a sense of humor at least.

Ideas Life Joke Toilet Paper

Sometimes life is a joke and this toilet paper novelty will allow you to read a joke with every square. Featuring funny jokes and other musings, this roll will have you rolling in laughter. Sometimes you just need a good laugh as you go, and this toilet paper roll is the perfect way to get it. It fits on any holder, and the jokes are easy to read and enjoy. This roll is perfect for the jokester in your life who also happens to use the bathroom a lot.

Toilet Bathroom Tissue Novelty Dollar

We’ve all seen the old trope, of having so much money that you wipe with it. Of course, most of us don’t have that much money. It’s probably because toilet paper costs so much, and not the fact that you may or may not have spent $200 at Taco Bell the other night. Speaking of, that’s probably why you’re buying so much toilet paper too. Never fear, this roll is perfect for when you want to look like you’re rich, but you’re really not. It’s the perfect toilet paper novelty for someone who spends all of their money instead of flushing it down the toilet.

Nancy Pelosi Toilet Paper Papers

There’s plenty of people out there who really don’t like Nancy. Maybe they’re negative Nancy’s themselves, or maybe they’re not, whatever the case this toilet paper roll is perfect for their wants and needs. Featuring a photo of Pelosi on each square, this roll is perfect for those who ever wanted to silence her. Now they can silence her daily in the bathroom. That sounds pretty serious, but it’s all toilet humor anyway.

Funny Novelty Toilet Paper Hilarious

Sometimes it gets real, really fast. Sometimes that requires you to run, or waddle to the bathroom. This toilet paper novelty is perfect for when those moments strike. Featuring a funny emoji and a saying that we all understand quite well, this roll is ideal for some shi*ty moments. It’s 2-ply and fits on any holder, making it the perfect roll for when everything else seems to just suck.

Fairly Odd Novelties Nuclear Novelty

Sometimes some people just seem to release some atomic bombs. The bathroom may smell for an hour and nobody should come within 10 feet of it. This toilet paper novelty is ideal for those smelly situations, and will surely give a laugh to any person who just so happens to detonate such nuclear bombs in the bathroom. It fits on any holder and the bright colors are sure to warn others to stay far away if they’d like to survive.

Fairly Odd Novelties FON 10079 Emergency

Everyone has had a toilet emergency in their lives, and this is the toilet paper novelty to fit it. This roll features the classic emergency font printed all over. It happens to be the perfect roll for a pandemic and would make a great point of conversation for anyone who uses your bathroom. This roll also makes a great gift, since everyone has had a toilet paper emergency this year at some point. Let’s just hope the emergency is running out of toilet paper, and not what else is related to toilet paper.

getDigital Unicorn Rainbow Bathroom Included

Some people really are just special unicorns and some people just really happen to like unicorns. However, those people are usually 8-year old girls. But we’re not here to judge unicorns or those who love them or maybe hate them all things considered. This toilet paper roll is ideal for anyone, even unicorn haters, and makes a great gift. A gift box is included with this 2-ply roll, making gifting this unicorn of an item a magical experience.

Please Wash Hands Toilet Paper

If it’s one thing that we’ve all learned this year, it’s to remember to wash our hands. This toilet paper novelty is perfect for that 2020 handwashing paranoia. Now, you’ll never have to worry someone forgot to wash their hands because they’ll have a reminder staring right at them. If they don’t, you’ll have good reason to get the plunger, to hit them with of course. This paper is perfect as a reminder, or as a threat.

Emoji Toilet Paper Tissue Prank

Many people that this year has been one giant poop emoji and they probably wouldn’t be wrong. This toilet paper roll is perfect for those people, and for those moments where everything gets a little sh*tty. Featuring a cute emoji, this roll is appropriate for people of all ages and is sure to delight both the young and the old. It’s also 2-ply, which is perfect for anyone who needs a little reinforcement.

Jokes Design Toilet Paper Tissue

Sometimes we all like to hear some quality crappy jokes, and this toilet paper roll is the perfect way to achieve that. Printed with a variety of crap jokes, this toilet paper novelty is ideal for those who really enjoy some crappy jokes. The roll comes in an attractive box, making it giftable to any joker, or anyone who needs some better material. Toilet humor is still humor, right?

Ideas Life Activity Toilet Paper

While many people bring their phones into the bathroom these days, there are those who don’t, we’re not saying it’s because it’s gross but you know, you do you. Anyway, this toilet paper novelty will give those who leave the phone behind something to do. Featuring a new puzzle on each square, this roll will amuse and delight. Keep your brain strong, as strong as the smell you’ll probably leave behind.

Fairly Odd Novelties Bullet Novelty

Sometimes we’re all gunning for the bathroom. This toilet paper roll is perfect for those who may not always have the best shot when it comes to the toilet. It’s also perfect for those gun lovers in your life who just love to stare at bullets all day long. Though we’d hope that you’re not spending all day in the bathroom at that rate, if you are, something tells us it’s to play with a different gun. No matter, this toilet paper is perfect for any bathroom situation, no matter the load.

Home X Sudoku Festive Birthday Novelty

Who doesn’t love playing math puzzles as they use the bathroom? We’re assuming that most people don’t of course, but in case they do, then this toilet paper is perfect! Featuring a new sudoku puzzle on each roll, this toilet paper is perfect for any puzzle lover or math lover who just happens to take long enough in the bathroom to effectively do a puzzle. If you do, you may need some Metamucil instead, but we’re not here to judge.

Birthday Novelty Ornaments Decoration Supplies

This toilet paper novelty makes a great gift! The hilarious design makes a great birthday bathroom addition, especially if that person is in their birthday suit. This toilet paper makes a great gift, whether or not the person receiving it is full of sh*t. We all have to wipe, and this toilet paper is the best way to do it. It’s 2-ply and pleasing, but not as pleasing as the concept of getting toilet paper for your birthday. What? It’s 2020, this is a real thing that happens now.

Christmas Gag Awesome Stocking Stuffer Novelty

This is the year that Santa is fed up, he’s done with everyone and we’re all getting sht this year, or at least some people are. This toilet paper roll is perfect for the person on your list who has a sense of humor and doesn’t mind getting sht for Christmas. Featuring a crude yet humorous cartoon Santa, this toilet paper is great for anyone who needs a laugh after a long year of tears. So go ahead, sh*t all over Christmas, and then use this toilet paper to clean it up, nobody will mind.

Valentines Day Toilet Paper Gift

We all give our partner a bit of sht every now and then, some of us more than others. If they’re still with you, then you’ve found something special. Give your partner a well-deserved laugh with this toilet paper roll. Featuring a cute emoji and an all-too-true sentence, this paper is sure to delight more than you’re bullsht does, that’s for sure. It’s also two-ply, so much like their will to put up with you, this toilet paper is also meant to handle a lot of sh*t.

Fairly Odd Novelties Kisses Novelty

Sometimes we all want someone to kiss our ass, and now this toilet paper makes it easier than ever. Printed with lipstick lip marks all over, this toilet paper is the perfect gift for anyone who wishes to be buried face down. It’s sturdy enough to put up with some sh*t but funny enough to give a good laugh. Now, you’ll be able to wipe your ass with lips a lot easier, and without any criminal charges, making this roll a big plus.

Aryellys Spiders Funny Novelty Toilet

Most people have some fear of spiders, and this is especially true for women. Plenty of women cite spiders in the toilet as a huge concern and fear. However, nobody really enjoys the idea of rubbing spiders on their genitals, and if you do, then we think you need something else that’s not toilet paper but more along the lines of therapy first. However, for anyone to spook or delight (we guess) this toilet paper spider roll will do just that. Whether you really like spiders or they really freak you out, this toilet paper roll is sure to get a reaction. We just hope it’s not the one that you should probably go to therapy for.

20 Hilarious Novelty Toilet Papers That Will Delight As You Wipe
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