19+ Hilarious Shot Glasses You Need To Give A Shot

After a year like this one, taking shots is not just fun, it’s crucial. Liquor is a quick way to get right with the world, except that you’ll need something to pour that liquor into. In lieu of just dumping the bottle into your mouth directly, we recommend one or all of these hilarious novelties shot glasses. These shot glasses are meant to make you laugh, make you cry, make others cry, whichever you prefer. With 20 different fun designs, there’s a shot for anyone, so go ahead, take a shot and see what you can find with these great shot glass options.

12 Gauge Shot Glasses

If you’re gunning for a drink, then these shot glasses are for you. Shaped like 12-gauge shotgun bullets, these novelty shot glasses are the punniest glasses out there. These bullets won’t hurt, at least not as much anyway. You’ll get a set of four, so you can shoot one after the other, rapid-fire until you’re passed out on the floor mumbling something about drunk rights. Go ahead and take a shot with these, they probably won’t kill you.

Original BenShot Shot Bullet

Never miss your mark with these original novelty shot glasses. Featuring a real bullet, this shot glass is sure to delight your friends. Of course, your friends should be the types who like bullets, and like shots, and like when things combine them together. If your friends are bored around the bonfire, you could always tell them that you put the bullet there, they just may even be drunk enough to believe it. This shot glass is perfect for any sharpshooter, who just so happens also likes to drink.

Fairly Odd Novelties Urinal Glasses

You know, sometimes the tequila tastes like piss, so it makes sense to drink it from a urinal, right? Now it’s easier to do, and it doesn’t require you to lick a truckstop bathroom urinal, but rather a tasteful and smaller urinal shot glass. Of course, if licking truckstop bathroom urinals is your thing, you could still do that, even if we recommend these novelty shot glasses instead. This set is perfect for the pisser who is looking to get a bit tipsy, all while having a good laugh.

Transparent Crystal Skull Shot Glass

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We’ve all heard of a headshot, but very few have heard of a shot from ahead. This shot glass is perfect for that drunk osteologist you know. It’s also perfect for that one girl who is a bit too obsessed with Edgar Allen Poe, or I guess for the serial killer in your life. Though, we question how you’d know that unless of course, that killer is you. In which case, this glass is the perfect glass to drink away your demons with. Though we’re not sure that’s how it actually works, it couldn’t hurt to try, could it?

Shot Glass Set Prescription Novelty

Sometimes we all need to see the doctor for our shots and our medicine. Sometimes, our medicine is taking shots. For when that happens, this shot glass set is the perfect way to go. Now when Aunt Carol gets on you for taking another shot, just show her this funny novelty shot glass and explain that you’re only following the doctor’s orders. If she still doesn’t quiet down, just mention her second husband again, they always quiet down about the second husband. If she still keeps up, just take another shot, she won’t matter after a few more anyway.

Lucky Shot Bullet Handmade Glass

Do you feel lucky? Do you? You probably would after taking a few shots. May we suggest this choice? When it comes to novelty shot glasses, this is one of the finest. Make people believe that you don’t miss the toilet bowl. Make them think you’re the best shot in the world. Just be sure that nobody is looking when you inevitably drink too much and trip over your shoelaces. On the plus side, this shot glass will help you get there, though we recommend tying your shoelaces a bit better before you start drinking.

Fairly Odd Novelties SHOT GLASS

Remember the simple days of childhood? Where games of tic-tac-toe used to delight. Well, now those games can delight once again with this set of novelty shot glasses. Tic-tac-toe shot glasses are the next level of childhood games. Now you can get drunk and it doesn’t matter who wins or loses. Now, drunk Tic-tac-toe isn’t just for Uncle Bob, no, you can enjoy it too. It can’t bring daddy home, but the liquor can make that a little less painful. How great is that?

Mermaid Glasses Whiskey Cocktail Crystal

There’s nothing fishy about these shot glasses. Now you can get drunk in fashion. If you’ve always wanted a mermaid tail, now it’s easier than ever to get one, and they’ll allow you to drink too! This wasn’t part of The Little Mermaid, but if it was, it probably would have been a better movie honestly. These shot glasses are well made, and hold plenty of liquor, which may also make The Little Mermaid a better movie. If you’re looking to get drunk and watch talking fish, then these may be the glasses for you.

Fairly Odd Novelties Billiards Removable

Are you really good at drinking but pretty bad at the pool? Now you could sink all of the balls, down your throat, in the form of shots, with these novelty shot glasses. Shaped like the balls of the classic billiard game, these shot glasses are perfect for anyone who is good at pool, bad at pool, or really appreciates bar aesthetic. No matter the reason, we’re here to drink to it. But we should probably use these glasses to do it. Sink some balls, balls of liquor, with this great novelty glass set.

Novelty Tequila Whiskey Spirits Glasses

Whether you can handle your liquor or not isn’t something we’re here to judge. We’ll leave that to this funny novelty shot glass. Test yourself and your friends with this glass, featuring levels of drinking ability. If you can hang, you probably won’t for long, because we’re pretty sure that a few full shot glasses will take even the most impressive alcoholics down. However, this glass will provide a lot of fun trying, that is, until you vomit, someone always vomits.

Fairly Odd Novelties shot glass

This shot glass really offers some bang to your drink. In the shape of a bullet, you’ll now be able to put a bullet in your mouth without all of the blood and horror. While we can’t promise you won’t die, that’s more up to how much you drink, not really how you drank it. Anyway, this shot glass is great for gun lovers, Kurt Cobain imitators, and alcoholic dads everywhere. It’s well-made and is sure to amuse nearly anyone.

BenShot Pint Glass Real

Get a real hole in one with this novelty golf shot glass. Featuring a real golf ball embedded in the side of the pint glass, you’ll never miss the hole again. Of course, you may, if you get too drunk and she moves a little too fast. But we don’t offer anything to help you stick your landing, but rather we offer things to help with the whole beer goggles theory instead. This glass is perfect for anyone who needs more golf balls, more beer, and more pint glasses.

Shot Glass Tic Tac Toe

Tic tac toe isn’t just for kids anymore. With these novelty shot glasses, you’ll be able to add the delight of alcohol to your favorite childhood game. However, be sure to keep it away from actual kids, just not your friends who get drunk and seem to act like kids. These glasses are well-made and a lot of fun to use. For extra fun, take a shot anytime someone wins or loses, or don’t, that may end badly.

South Island Funny Shaped Glasses

If you’ve ever dreamed of putting a finely sculpted man to your lips and swallowing, then we have the perfect thing for you. While we can’t help get your mind out of the gutter, we can help you get drunk. These novelty shot glasses are sculpted to delight anyone who has ever thought of drinking from the torso of a very fit man. While we’re sure those people exist, we hope that they don’t have the last name Dahmer is all.

Novelty Glasses Decorative Halloween Drinkware

Have you ever wanted to drink from the skulls of your enemies? Have you ever wanted to get drunk over the satisfaction? While we can’t help you collect actual enemy skulls, these shot glasses are a great legal option for all of your thirsty desires. This set is perfect for those who love skulls and alcohol, or for those who enjoy being menacing with their alcohol. No matter your goal, these skulls are the perfect way to bone.

Puzzled Unbreakable

Drunken shark, do do do do, drunken shark, do do do do. Let’s go drink, do do do do. You do do do get the idea. These shot glasses are the perfect addition to anyone who saw Jaws and thought that they could have filled it with liquor instead. Maybe you love sharks, maybe you’re facing your fears in the way that most do, through a lot of alcohol. No matter, these glasses are perfect for your next drink.

Crass Glass Retired shot glass

Sometimes you wanna go where everybody doesn’t know your name. You want them to leave you alone, you’re retired and you’re trying to have a drink! This shot glass is great for anyone who is trying to say something very strong but prefers to do it through strong liquor instead. This glass is thick and will hold up to as much abuse as you can normally throw at it. Retire early tonight, have a shot, you deserve it.

Holder Fashioned Whiskey Tumbler Perfect

There’s nothing like a good old fashioned, whatever way you want to take that. And what’s more old fashioned than some fine scotch with a cigar? If you’re looking for the scotch but don’t want the cigar, this may be the best way to go. Get all of the Godfather aesthetic without the smoker’s cough. You can still have the scotch though, as much as you want of it because, with this glass, you’ll have something to put it in.

Mason Shot Glass Ounce Handle

Some people drink their milk from a Mason jar, and some people need something a little stronger. This shot glass is the perfect way to drink your medicine. With a fun Mason jar prescription design, this glass is the perfect way to take your shot and enjoy it too. Holding 4oz, this Mason shot glass is perfect for beer, wine, or mixed drinks. If you’re looking for a cure, we think we’ve found it, and it fits in this glass just fine.

DC Comics Superheroes Uniforms Shot Glasses

Not all heroes wear capes, some drink shots, and worship DC. These shot glasses are perfect for any alcoholic nerd. It’s the shot glass set of your adolescent dreams, and now you can enjoy it as an adult. Nobody can tell you that you can’t be super with Superman, or that you can’t go batty with Batman, or that you can’t…well..you know with Wonder Woman. This shot glass set is perfect when you’re less likely to save the world, but more likely to run to the liquor store instead.

19+ Hilarious Shot Glasses You Need To Give A Shot
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