Best Funny 20+ Novelty Magnets for Appliances

Nowadays, people have found better ways to keep important notes, messages, and photos through novelty magnets. Novelty magnets are funny little hands that can be used at home and in the office to hold objects such as pens. They are also used as gifts to send important or funny messages to friends, family, and kids. Most of the novelty magnets are made from wood and hand-painted. Others are made from stronger, durable, and safer metals. Aside from gifts, novelty magnets can also be used for decoration. Users should also keep an eye on those that can be used for crazy but safe pranks.

The best thing about all novelty fridge magnets is they give us a laughter moment because they are fun to read and look at. Imagine coming across an “I Fucking Hate People” or “Alcohol is the Glue Holding Us Together” novelty magnets at your auntie’s place. Sounds funny, right? We have highlighted some of the best funny 20+ novelty fridge magnets that you can use to bring a smile to the faces of the people you love.

I Fucking Hate People, Fridge Magnets

My girlfriend and his male best friend are a bit of a package deal. I find it difficult to tell her to stop hanging out with her bestie because I don’t very much like him. So, every time she tells me he’ll be hanging around in our crib, I get creative and stick the ‘I Fucking Hate People’ novelty magnet on our fridge to secretly send my “I don’t like you” message to him. The good thing about this 2.5-inch by 3.5-inch fridge magnet is that it is durable and heavy-duty, plus it does not scratch the fridge surface. It will adhere well to your metal or stainless-steel fridge and help you send the intended message to anyone you hate.

Alcohol The Glue Holding This Shitshow Together Fridge Magnets

We all make mistakes, but the biggest is believing that people love us for who we are. Yes, I said it. So, you thought your friends loved you because you are cute and warm-hearted? Sorry to break it to you, but alcohol is the only glue holding your relationship together. Buy one, or a couple of “alcohol is the glue holding this shitshow together” fridge novelty magnets the next time you host a party to make your fake friends understand that it is alcohol that brought the bunch of snakes together. You don’t have to worry about these novelty magnets scratching any surface. They are also durable and heavy-duty pieces that you can use as fridge door magnets for decoration or holding paper items.

Retro Humour The Older I Get Refrigerator Magnet

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The older everyone gets, the more they want everyone around them to kiss their butts. Well, this is understandable. With the doubling prices of groceries, gas, and every household item as you get older, you have the right to express bitterness through “the older I get, the more everyone can kiss my ass” fun and whimsical novelty magnets.

I Don’t Want No Scrub Magnet

I don’t want no scrab magnet to be one of the sturdiest quality novelty magnets you can use in your kitchen for decoration. Unlike the rest, they are small and cute. They measure 10 × 2 mm, although you can also find the 3 mm version for your stupid friend who is a fan of the “Don’t Want No Scrubs” song. Though the novelty magnet doesn’t have all her favorite song lyrics as you would have wanted it to, the words present are enough to make her feel loved and appreciated.

The Office Fridge Magnet Set

These novelty magnet sets are well made with a strong magnetic hold. They measure 4 × 3 inches, and each contains iconic prints and logos. These collectible fridge magnets are officially licensed items that can be a fantastic addition to any office. They have a wide field of applications, including cabinets, whiteboards, and refrigerators. Bought a set for my office friend, and he said they felt nice and solid, although the manufacturers could have made them a little bit thicker than Nicki Minaj.

Cool Fridge Ninja Star Magnet,

Last year, I got these 2.5 inches long novelty magnets because they look like real throwing stars. I got four stars, each of which came with strong magnets. My girlfriend decided to be funny and joked about the magnets having enough strength to hold our relationship for a century if not two. The novelty magnets are quite versatile, and we use them to hold pictures of family members that help us grind our gears.

Premium Limited Edition Dishwasher Magnet Clean Dirty

These novelty magnets are sturdy and blend well with stainless steel dishwashers. They feature very strong magnets that should be well-positioned before attaching. They are uncompromised pieces of kitchen décor that inform home members whether the dishes are clean or dirty. The limited-edition dishwasher magnet also contains a toggle that moves easily and makes a nice click feeling and sound. However, don’t use it when your mother is around, or else she will mistake the sound for clicking, and you will get a beating of your life. You don’t want to anger your old folks and be the subject of their conversation for days.

Fun Cat Refrigerator Magnets

Fun cat refrigerator novelty magnets come in different sizes, but the most measure 1.3 × 0.8 inches. They are perfectly used on refrigerators, cabinets, and lockers. The best thing about them is that they are functional and very decorative. While they are pretty heady-duty, it doesn’t mean that you can purposely squeeze them or drop them down. The magnets are perfectly painted to prevent the little cats from looking as if they are sunburned.

Lighthouse Magnets

Lighthouse novelty magnets are provided in unique designs that buyers will love. They are perfect for anyone willing to add an extra touch of beach vibes to their day and display their beach life novelty magnets collection. Lighthouse magnets perfectly attach to any surface, making it look breezy and cool. Bought a couple of these for my grandparents living in the countryside to bring beach vibes to their home before they forget what beaches feel like.

Cat Butt Refrigerator Magnets

Bought a couple of cut butt refrigerator novelty magnets for my young niece, and I was surpassed to find out that one of them had full genitalia. You might ask yourself, ‘how in the hell did he know this.’ Because her ten-year-old brother immediately looked for it and showed it to the rest of their siblings, we can’t stop laughing about it. I can testify that these novelty magnets are enjoyable for all ages. The largest magnets measure 2 × 7.5 × 1.25 inches, and each is functional and decorative. Be the first to buy cat butt refrigerator novelty magnets and make everyone else at home happy.

Dear Mom, I Get it Now Thank You

Yes, you’ve been messing up all your life. It’s time for you to take the hard-to-swallow pill and admit your mom was always right. There’s no better way to do it than surprising her with the “Dear mom, I get it now, thank you” novelty magnets. These3.5 by 2.5-inch magnets are versatile, adorable, and high-quality pieces that can be used to display on dry erase boards, refrigerators, and metal pantry cabinets. You’ve taken your mother through so much already. Buy her these amazing novelty magnets today and put a smile back on her face.

Warning Beer Fridge Magnet

I know most of you would rather feed on spoilt food than drink cold beer. Well, this cheap novelty magnet allows you to have it your way. Warning beer fridge novelty magnets are funny and great looking and are basically used to warn visitors from placing food or any other contaminant inside your most valuable beer fridge. They feature a glossy, shiny surface with brilliant colors. This 2.5 by 3.5-inch novelty magnet offers perfect signage, and whoever reads it ends up smiling.

Funny Novelty Office Fridge

Do you desire to be everybody’s favorite worker in the company? It’s time for you to spend a few dollars on funny novelty office fridge novelty magnets. Not only are these novelty magnets super cute, but they are also so funny. My bachelor workmate got these, and now every female in the company wants to sire a baby for him. I don’t exactly blame them. They also gave my workmates and me a laugh. I decided to place twice the order to get twice the women he has!

Crazy Pranks Warning Magnets

So far, no mentioned novelty magnet is more awesome than the crazy pranks warning novelty magnets. They are so fun and amazing. My friend always likes to put them on family members’ vehicles to see how long they will drive without noticing. Most of them get confused when motorists start to show sexual hand motions next to them. He also places them on their home fridge, and they do not damage it. They are a harmless form of prank that has been on their fridge for weeks, and we always laugh whenever we walk to the fridge for some juice or beer.

Not Really Handicapped Just Lazy Magnetic Sticker

Just lazy magnetic stickers will give you one of those good belly laughs that make you cry and make your abs burn. You can stick them on one of your friend’s cars and watch them embarrass themselves to other motorists. These 4 by 4-inch magnetic novelty stickers are waterproof, scratch-resistant, and ultraviolet resistant. Properly taking care of them helps them serve you for longer in outdoor environments. You can also stick them on refrigerators, toolboxes, and workmate lockers to embarrass them.

Ross Finger Puppet Magnet

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One of my best friends, George, went through hell as he suffered pain and loss due to syphilis. I decided to buy him a ross finger puppet magnet to remind him of all the craps he’s been through whenever he gets interested in call girls. I specifically searched for one with a character resembling the woman who had caused him this much misery. The puppets are 4 inches tall, featuring a removable tag with a portrait, quotes, and achievements list.

HARRY POTTER Novelty Magnet

As a young man, I was always temperamental, and hardly could I listen to any advice, whether from parents or friends. My behavior resulted in them calling me Harry Potter, a name that I didn’t appreciate much initially. To me, the glasses worn by Harry used to make him look stupid. However, a few years ago, my friends surprised me with Harry Potter novelty magnets for my refrigerator, and I loved them. The 2 by 0.5 by 2.5-inch novelty magnets are multicolored, totally adorable, and funny.

Coffee Makes Me Feel Less Murdery Fridge Magnets

Reading this novelty magnet in the morning is the perfect way for you to start your day brewing your coffee before killing your boss in your head a thousand times a few hours later. These novelty magnets are of premium quality, are durable, and are perfect gifts for anyone else who feels murder besides you, normally the person you gossip about your boss with. The magnets come in 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. Same as the rest, they are powerful and scratch-resistant. Don’t laugh alone, by some for your friends as well.

Cats Are Wonderful. They Don’t Judge You…. magnet

My girlfriend loves pets, especially cats. She is also addicted to sticking things on our fridge. Buying these novelty magnets for her was the best decision I ever made. Unlike other women who are easily swayed by cars and money, the way to my girl’s heart is simple funny messages and these amazing novelty magnets. I hope no one else realizes this and uses it against us! Generally, these 3 inches by 2-inch novelty magnets are awesome, waterproof, and funny.

Cats Don’t Care If You’re Crazy Magnet

It is 100% true that cats don’t care if you’re crazy or not so long as you feed them. Unfortunately, my girlfriend always uses this statement against me whenever I yell at her for something se has done wrong. Whenever we argue, she makes me open our refrigerator to read the message on this crazy novelty magnet. Sadly, it always works in her favor because I always laugh. Truly, this three-inch novelty magnet has always brought us together whenever we are not on talking terms.

Best Funny 20+ Novelty Magnets for Appliances
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