Best Funny 20+ Novelty Hats to Laugh

Typically, novelty hats are funny hats that do not have a specific size or shape. They come in the form of comic cartoon characters, food, cheese, and poop! I am sure you have seen them on sales promotional guys or sports team mascots. Today, people wear them on Halloween or at costume parties. The best thing about them is they give us a laughter moment since they are fun to look at. Imagine your grandmother goofing around wearing a poop hat! Funny, right? They are quite entertaining and add humor to any form of gathering.

The best thing about novelty caps is that they can be made out of anything. You can be anyone you want to be, from the Pirates of the Caribbean to Alice in Wonderland. One can also find simple hot dog hats and T-rex hats for kids. Check out the best funny hats to laugh listed below that you can use to make your friends laugh and generally put everyone around you in a good mood.

Novelty Hats

Novelty Chicken Hat

A novelty chicken hat is a novelty hat basically worn on the head by anyone wishing to be a crazy chicken lady or gentleman. While the hat perfectly fits a formal occasion, you can wear it for your chicken, like my friend George does, and his chicken doesn’t seem to mind. On the other hand, his cat gets a little bit spooked every time he wears it. The novelty hat is also a perfect pick for Halloween. Bought it for my niece last year though she was a little bit disappointed when the wings didn’t fly when she pulled on the legs. Fortunately for us, the intended Moana look was a hit regardless. I can’t wait for her to put it on again during crazy hat day at school next month.

Squid Hat

The Squid hat is a little source of silliness made from high-quality fabric. The novelty hat has jacked up eyes that make you look even more ridiculous and goofy wearing it. It’s a perfect pick for anyone with a nervous tick as its tentacles immediately snap back after stretching them out. The squid hat is thinner than your patience. You might as well be wearing a fishnet. Its no brainer the squid hat is the perfect pick for the summer holidays. Don’t worry, the hat will stay vertical long enough even when you plunge and get out of the cold ocean waters, thanks to the strong interior mesh.

Brown Emoticon Poop Hat

The brown emotion poop hat is so funny! My niece is a big fan of the poop emoji for reasons known to her and her elder brother. Just a few days ago, she told me that she was Winnie and I was the pooh! Well, having had enough of the back and forth, I decided to surprise her with the poop hat. I made her close her eyes well; I put them on her. She laughed for three straight hours and loved the novelty hat. The hat has a great stitching, soft and is made from high-quality cotton that keeps her warm when it’s cold. Not unless you are ready to be at war with my niece, you shouldn’t dare take the hat off her head even when it’s hot.

Child’s Suede Cowboy Hat

This novelty hat is made from 100% polyester. Normally, buyers expect the hat to be somewhat flimsy before the purchase, only to have it in really nice quality. Some have tried to test its integrity by making their cats chew on it or the drawstrings. The drawstrings, in particular, are an important feature that helps you tighten or loosen depending on your boy’s head. This cowboy hat keeps your baby boy looking fresh and clean like Woody in the toy story. You can find it in black or brown.

White Captain’s Hat

The captain’s hat is a perfect pick for anyone looking to have a sophisticated champion appearance that will be mocked and envied by their friends. You can purchase it for a costume or theme party and be an awesome drunk old man or woman. The brim is while the fabric is as thin as required. The classic gold rope brightens and makes the hat more desirable. If you would rather spend your cash on Sailor Jerry’s like a real sailor, this is the perfect novelty hat.

Novelty Baseball Caps

I Heart Titties and Beer Cap

Besides being great, this is also a classic style trucker hat that your grandpa used to wear when he was your age. This hat has a vintage-looking tracker, but you don’t have to tell everyone you come across about it. The titties and beer cap is perfect for any lad who has difficulty starting a conversation with a female. I am sure you also want to grow to become the creepy old guy who is always at the bar sending the ladies a cold one. Wear it down to the local girlie club so that chicks know exactly what you want and that there is not much small talk.

Novelty Wig Peaked Baseball Hat

This beer hat is the next best thing for anyone who can’t afford the cost of a hair transplant. The hat is funny for everyone as it features fake hair, making it the perfect gift for your bald bestie. Bring this cotton or polyester hat with you to their birthday and watch the rest of your friends break down in laughter. It also makes perfect Christmas or holiday gifts for older men as it makes them feel younger again. I gave my grandfather this novelty hat as a Christmas gift, and he was pursued by half a dozen middle-aged women in less than three hours.

I’m Holding A Beer So Yeah I’m Pretty Busy cap

This novelty hat is perfectly made from cotton, and it is machine washable. It goes well with my black and blue jeans. Besides taking it with me for camping, I also prefer wearing it to the bar to send a message to anyone planning on interfering with my space. My father used to wear a similar novelty hat with similar but not the exact wordings whenever he went to the bar. So I figured I should probably buy the same. I’ve had several comments on my hat. While most people like it, others don’t, which makes it even more fun to wear.

Dinosaur Baseball Cap

Buy this T-rex hat for your serious dinosaur son or grandson and watch them scream as they put it on. The hat is 100% cotton, and the best thing about it is you can wash it by hand. It is perfect for silly occasions and crazy hats day at school. However, you might have to measure your kid’s head circumference before buying or else you might have to use it on pumpkins or watermelons. Make sure the cap sits down on your kid’s forehead, or they will hate it for life.

Kermit The Frog Sipping Tea Cap

Kermit the frog sipping tea cap is the perfect novelty hat for a gag and wearing. As you might have assumed, the cap is made from cotton and not pieces of crappy materials. You will definitely appreciate the adjustment strap, which is better than buttons or attached snaps. The cap is also lightweight and durable and fits all head sizes. You might want to purchase a few of these hats, especially if meme fanatics surround you. But that’s none of my business!

Novelty Cowboy Hats

Huge Cowboy Hat

This novelty hat is perfect for some hilarious laughs. My workmate and I bought this cowboy hat in different colors so that we could be the winners on a crazy day at work. We couldn’t stop laughing as we took pictures when trying the hats on and from the reactions we got when the day arrived. While the opening of the head is small, it stretches to accommodate every head size since the hat is made of foam. Yes, this hat is a little heavy, but your heavier heads will surely accommodate the weight. Do not worry about the plastic odor, as it will fade away after a few hours.

Cowboy Sheriff’s Hat for Kids

Cowboy sheriff’s hat is a non-woven fabric, lightweight, sturdy and comfortable novelty hat perfect for party occasions and holidays. Do not worry about the stars falling off as they are firmly glued to the hat, and there is no removing them without damage. The hats are also specifically made for kids. Adults should refrain from trying these hats on as they are more than likely to damage them with their ton of thick hair and massive heads.

Cowboy Hat with Blinking Tiara

This cowboy hat is alluring and perfect for any young lady aspiring to be a prairie princess. The blinking tiara hat is pink and flashy, fit for young girls only. Give your little girl a cowgirl party and make her stand out for the party while wearing the hat. Sit back and watch her feel herself as she walks amidst her age mates. Make sure the lights are working to increase her confidence and boost her ego a little bit.

Pink Cowboy Hat with Heart Shaped Sunglasses

This unique pink cowgirl hat comes with transparent pink heart-shaped shades. The novelty hat also features a tiara. This preppy cowgirl hat also fits teen girls and grown women. It is perfect for a bachelorette party, especially if you couple it with a cowgirl outfit dress. Order the funny set today and make your best friend look young and stupid.

Light-up Mardi Gras Cowboy Hat

Almost all cowboys love to take a ride on the wild side. I assure you that it doesn’t get wild than a mardi gras cowboy hat. This novelty hat comes in green, purple and gold sequins. It is a perfect centerpiece for anyone who loves country music. The bright white LEDs around the brim will make you feel younger again. Don’t let everyone else have the fun and good times pass you. After all, we only live once, right?

Novelty Golf & Fishing Hats

Golf Party Hat

The golf party hat is super fun and can be used to grace a friend’s birthday, a dress-up party or a golf game. It is an adorable, unisex costume whose size fits everyone. This novelty hat features fake grass, a flag, and a golf ball. My friend almost missed an entire event because many people asked him where he got the hat. She almost mistook herself for a celebrity, with nearly every person who attended the event asking to take a picture with her. Eventually, I had to pretend as if I made the hat myself so that I would also pose with them.

Golf Scottish Irish Tam Hat

The Irish team hat is a polyester novelty hat with hair. The hat matches most plaid kilts. It is perfect for finishing off a fat bastard costume. Besides fitting the subject really well, it also contains lots of hairs attached to it. Well, it is also a perfect birthday gift for your bald friend. Making them wear it during the special occasion will grace the event with much laughter from the guests.

Titties 3D Golf Snapback

If you are searching for a novelty hat with top-notch quality and an embroidery job better than OEM, then golf snapback is the perfect pick. The hat is perfectly stitched and comes in one size that fits all. It is 100% polyester. It is best worn when it is cold so that you can feel warm. Titties golf hat serves best as a bachelor party gift. Furthermore, it has an added benefit for the ladies. Any lady that buys this hat for their boyfriend earns themselves some extra brownie points with the guy and his family.

I’d Rather BE F_ING Cap

What is so special about this hat, one may ask. Well, it has a double meaning. While I’d rather be fishing, I don’t know what you’d rather be doing. Get this cap for your avid fisherman, son or daughter. The hat is lightweight, comfortable, and fits each head well. The caps also make perfect gifts for adults hosting beerlympics as they keep all guests laughing on the hat’s second meaning.

Make Fishing Great Again Cap

Polyester, cotton and spandex are three materials used on this hat. It contains a fitted closure, wool-like fabric, it is embroidered and can be hand washed. Anyone can rock this funny hat anywhere and anytime, but we can only hope it doesn’t make you a target for people who hate Trump. Ensure you are the first to get this hat before your friends beat you to it.

Best Funny 20+ Novelty Hats to Laugh
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