Best Funny 20+ Purses Shaped like Things

Love them or hate them, funny novelty handbags stand out as one the best handbags for displaying your sense of humor. If you love searching for the best witty novelty handbags on the internet, then consider yourself at the right place. In this article, we shall be taking you through some of the funniest handbags you can ever come across on the internet.

Furthermore, your handbags don’t have to be boring; with these handbags, you will be able to overwhelm passersby with laughter and a few smiles here and there. These bags will also make a perfect gift for anyone who loves sarcasm or joking around. With that said, let’s get started on today’s article.

Novelty Leather Handbags

Novelty Animal Handbag

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If you are an animal lover, then this Novelty animal handbag will best suit your needs. Incorporating a flamingo style, this handbag is undoubtedly eye-catching, and when you wear it, you will be without a doubt the focus of the crowd.

Its sleek look makes this handbag perfect for any outdoor activity from shopping to traveling. Since it is relatively small in size, this handbag is perfect for carrying around your cosmetics, phones, and even mini wallet.

Ladies Designer Leather Purse

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Do you want to stand out from the crowd? If yes, then you should try out this customizable funny handbag. Relatively small in size but highly functionally, this designer leather purse incorporates funny charms, including creative 3D effect Gold earrings that make this handbag not only special but also very funny.

Although it has a funny taste, this handbag hasn’t lost its fashion design. It is an excellent handbag for displaying both creativity and humor simultaneously. Its design makes it ideal for working, traveling as well as dating. The best part is that it is made from high-quality material; therefore, you are guaranteed to use it for an extended period.

Novelty Newspaper Handbag

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Exquisite and concise, the Novelty Newspaper Handbag is ideal for carrying around your lipstick and phone. Its design makes it stand out from a standard handbag, making it perfect for making an entry during a party, date as well as an ideal handbag for traveling and photoshoots.

Not only is this handbag a novelty but also a fashion statement. The unique and exquisite newspaper design makes it a perfect handbag for any girl out there, especially those with a sense of humor.

Funny Teapot Shaped Leather Handbag

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If you are a tea enthusiast, why not let the whole world know by walking around with this funny teapot-shaped leather handbag? It is not only a perfect way of showing your love for tea and sense of humor, but also it acts as a perfect conversation starter on almost all sorts of occasions. Shaped like an ancient teapot, this handbag displays both creativity and novelty simultaneously.

It is designed to make it a perfect handbag for parties, cosplay, and even witchy attire, to name a few. With this handbag, you can now say goodbye to all boring bags and stand out from the crowd every time you walk around with it.

Women Lip Purse Leather Evening Bag

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Ideal for all kinds of girls out there, the Women Lip Purse Leather Evening Bag is a top-notch, high-quality handbag made from high-quality acrylic. This material makes it relatively easy to clean and take off while enhancing its durability. Its design is not only funny but also a perfect way of letting the world know you are proud to be a woman.

It features an incredible size that makes it perfect for carrying around your phone, keys, lipsticks, along other essentials. Furthermore, it is ideal for weddings, parties, cocktails, traveling as well as for a date.

Fun Shaped Handbags

Taco Shaped Purse

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You do not have to be an animal lover to access some of the best and funny novelty handbags. Taco Shaped Purse is a fabulous handbag for anyone who enjoys and appreciates tacos. The handbag features a pebble grain vinyl exterior that is designed to look like a whole taco.

This handbag is very roomy and has the perfect size for carrying around all your essentials. Its design makes it a delicious way of carrying around your stuff for a date or any other fun day. In addition to its design, this handbag is food-friendly, and there were no tacos used in its making.

Sweet Colorful Candy Novelty Handbag

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Unique, fashionable, and funny, this handbag is perfect for everyday use. The sweet colorful candy design makes this handbag a perfect product for all sweet tooth girls out there. With this handbag, you will be able to let the world know about your love for sweets and your sense of humor. It can as well serve as symbolism letting people know that you are a sweet and caring person.

In addition to its outstanding design, this handbag is made from high-quality material, super durable, and has an excellent fashion statement. This makes it perfect for traveling, schooling, along other everyday activities.

Watermelon Shape Mini Bag

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This mini bag features a lovely watermelon shape design that will make you stand out from the crowd. In addition to being funny, this product is highly functional, making it a great way of carrying around your essentials.

It is also ideal for various occasions, from working to shopping, traveling as well as dating. Made from PU leather along with synthetic lining, this mini bag is without a doubt an excellent quality and will suit your needs.

Black Lipstick Shape Purses

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Get laughs as you scare people while walking around with a giant black lipstick. This product will not only tilt heads but also make a grand entrance to any party from weddings to birthday and masquerade parties.

What makes this purse one of the best is its sleek look, high-quality material, and relatively easy to clean and maintain design. Made from high-quality acrylic, you are guaranteed to use this handbag for several years to come, thanks to its durability. Its size also makes it perfect for carrying around your phone, money, keys, and other personal stuff.

Basketball Shaped Purse

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Let the world know that women too are basketball fanatics with this Basketball Shaped Purse. With a sleek novelty design, this basketball-shaped purse will amuse passersby and make it a perfect way to start a conversation.

Classic and highly fashionable design, this basketball-shaped purse goes well with several outfits. It is ideal for use on almost all occasions, from schooling to traveling and other outdoor activities. It is also made from high-quality material; therefore, you are guaranteed to have it around for years to come, thanks to its top-notch durability.

Novelty Designer Handbags

Harry Potter Purse Designer Handbag

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Harry Potter is without a doubt one of the best British film series with an incredible fan base across the globe. Therefore, you are guaranteed to get everyone’s attention with this Harry Potter Purse. The purse incorporates a sleek design with a logo of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This makes it a perfect gift for all Harry Potter lovers out there.

Furthermore, this handbag is made from high-quality material, sleek design, and some high-quality wizard features that make it a perfect investment for all Harry Potter lovers. The best part is that this product has been licensed officially by the Harry Potter Merchandise.

Motorcycle Shoulder Jacket Bags

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Are you on the lookout for a sleek novelty handbag that will not only enhance your look but also display your sense of humor? If yes, then these Motorcycle Shoulder Jacket Bags will suit the bill. This bag is made from high-quality PU leather material; it incorporates a sleek look and top-notch durability, making it worth every penny.

Its sleek design makes it a perfect companion for several activities from schooling to working, playing, and other outdoor activities.

Mary Frances Tiki Bar Purse

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The Mary Frances Tiki Bar Purse will give you the feeling of toes-in-the-sand. Equipped with intricate 3D detailed features, this Tiki purse has been designed to enhance your summer experience while displaying your sense of humor.

This product is handmade by a skillful artisan, and it will make you stand out from the dull handbags out there.

Novelty Poker Card Queen Evening Bags

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If you love poker or magic tricks, then this Novelty Poker Card Queen bag will best suit you. Made from high-quality material, this bag offers not only a sleek design but also a durable taste making it a perfect purchase. Its size is sufficient for carrying around your essentials from phones to keys.

Wisdom Evening Bag

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You are guaranteed to love this rare novelty handbag. The Mary Frances Wisdom Evening bag features an owl design, making it a perfect bag for animal lovers. This bag is relatively light in weight and significantly small, making it perfect for carrying small items such as your phone, lipstick, and keys.

Hilarious Purses

Telephone Shaped Shoulder Bag

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As they say, laughter is the best medicine; therefore, brighten your day along with other passersby with this Telephone Shaped Shoulder Bag. Designed like a phone, this bag is fit for all occasions.

Furthermore, it is made from high-quality material with a comfortable touch and a waterproof exterior. It also offers a large capacity for carrying around your necessities from makeup to phones, credit cards, and lipstick. You are guaranteed to love it.

Avocado Coin Purse

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The Avocado Coin Purse is another hilarious purse out there. Any avocado lover will not appreciate but also love the realism as well as the uniqueness of this coin purse. However, when using it, you should be ready for weird stares and looks from passersby.

This product has been designed to be safe for storing your coins as well as environmentally friendly. The coin purse is made from high-quality silicone making it an earth-friendly product. Therefore, if you want to cut down your carbon footprint while maintaining your sense of humor, the avocado coin purse will help you with that.

Strawberry Milk Box Crossbody Purse

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Even a lactose intolerant girl will love this purse. Made from high-quality synthetic leather along with a polyester lining, this Strawberry Milk Box Crossbody Purse features a sleek design that displays your sense of humor and excellent craftsmanship. Its design makes it a perfect purse for everyday use and ideal for parties, shopping, traveling, and even dating.

In addition to being made from high-quality material, this product is light in weight and makes a perfect fashion statement. Furthermore, its size makes it ideal for carrying around your credit card, cash, phone, wallet, lipstick, and small necessities items for your everyday use.

Unique Vintage Radio Shaped Cross-Body Bag

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Show your love for vintage products with this sleek, Unique Vintage Radio Shaped Cross-Body Bag. This cross-body bag is shaped like a vintage radio, giving it a unique, fashionable, and highly functional design making it a daily essential for styling up the place and convenience. The bag offers enough room for carrying out your daily essentials from ID cards to keys, phones, lipstick, credit card, and even cash.

This highly functional crossbody bag is ideal for several occasions, from parties to dating. Cleaning and maintaining this product is relatively easy. Furthermore, it also serves as a beautiful and stylish gift to your colleague, relative, friend, or even girlfriend.

Ramen Cross-body Bag

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Last on today’s list is the Ramen Cross-body bag. Like all other products in this list, the Ramen Crossbody Bag is also hilarious and promises to turn some heads while walking around with it. If you love noodles, particularly Ramen noodle soup, you will love this product. Its design is, without a doubt, a statement piece.

In addition to its sleek design, the Ramen Cross-body bag is made from high-quality material that guarantees top-notch durability. It also has excellent room for carrying your essentials around, including a phone, credit card, lipstick, and other necessities. Its maintenance is also relatively low, which makes it a perfect product for any girl out there.

Best Funny 20+ Purses Shaped like Things
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