17+ Funny & Novelty Door Knockers You Must Have

There are plenty of ways to say something without having to say it out loud. If you’ve got guests coming, and if you’ve got a good sense of humor, you may want to say something extra with a novelty door knocker. Door knockers are a great way to get a point or a mood across easily and without fuss. They hang easily on all doors and are usually pretty affordable. They’re a fun way to convey a message, a greeting, or a warning if you desire. Novelty door knockers are a great way to say something extra. Below you’ll find twenty of the best novelty door knockers that you could buy and laugh at, right now.

Big Balls Door Knocker – Novelty Doorknockers

Sometimes you just need to get a good hold of things, and sometimes those things are nuts door knockers. This quirky door knocker is the perfect way to give a laugh, get a laugh, or terribly offend any solicitors. Give visitors something to grasp, something to feel with this knocker. It’s well constructed and its details are sure to impress anyone who takes a good look at it. Win your door knocker battle with this bulge. Much like life, you’re only able to get this one size, whether you find it big enough or not, is entirely up to preference and maybe perception.

Celtic Greenman Green Man Door Knocker

Everyone loves to grab a little green from time to time, but most won’t expect this green to be it! When it comes to weird funny door knockers, this one is sure to amuse. The knocker gives an addition of style and personality to any door. Of course, if your visitors aren’t up on Celtic art they may not appreciate it, but then they really don’t matter anyway, do they? Just take the high road, they can take the low road, which hopefully doesn’t lead to your door.

Deep Ocean Creature Octopus Kraken Warrior Knocker

There are some out there who are more into tentacles than others. We mean really into tentacles like you can Google it if you want, but if you’re not very, very into tentacles we don’t recommend it. Because God has abandoned us, you can be into tentacles as much as you like. If you’re sort of into tentacles, we recommend this novelty door knocker. This stylish octopus is sure to give a chuckle and add some personality to any door you place it on. Though, if you run a seafood restaurant, it would probably work best. It’s okay if you don’t though, we won’t judge you.

San Miguel de Allende Door Knocker

We all need a hand sometimes, and this door knocker is the perfect way to give it. If you’re looking for a good handy, then this doorknocker is for you. When it comes to novelty door knockers, this knocker really lends a hand to the uniqueness and even comedy. Unusual and fun, this doorknocker is sure to get a standing ovation from visitors and passersby alike. Let us give you a hand with this fun, unique door knocker.

Squirrel Acorn Door Knocker

Are you feeling a little nutty? Maybe you’re going a little squirrely? Maybe you’re obsessed with nuts? Maybe you like putting nuts in your mouth or burying things in your yard? No matter which of these matches you, and we won’t guess which, this novelty door knocker is perfect for someone like you. Novelty door knockers are a great way to show who you are, and they’re also a great way to show how much you love nuts, or squirrels, whichever.

Black Baphomet Door Knocker

Are you tired of religious solicitors? Maybe you have a lot of Girl Scouts or Christian youth groups showing up at your door trying to sell you salvation with a side of cookies? Are you looking for novelty door knockers that will get them all to go away? If so, then this door knocker is for you. Celebrate the dark side with this unique and fun Baphomet door knocker.

Satanic Sabbatic Goat Baphomet with Pentagram Head Door Knocker

Whether you worship the dark Gods, or whether you just really like goats and pentagrams, this novelty door knocker is full of wicked personality. If you’re tired of nuns or your grandma visiting, then this door knocker is sure to keep them away. But maybe you’re not into all of that, maybe you just want something that says “I still have my Hot Topic punch card.” No matter the reason, you can’t go wrong with this novelty door knocker.

Ryujin Dragon Door Knocker

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Listen, we’re not here to judge, we understand that sometimes you just are really into faces. All kinds of faces, including spooky Ryujin faces. Maybe you studied Japanese for a semester in college and you think it’s cool. Maybe you just really like sushi. Or maybe you just really like weird faces with some cultural significance. Whatever your reason, this door knocker just may be the one for you. So smile, and give it a try, your door knocker sure is.

Dead Men Tell No Tales Caribbean Pirate Skull with Bandana Door Knocker

You don’t need a ship to be a pirate, just ask the FBI, they deal with plenty of pirates. Of course, if you do live on a houseboat, you’ll also be able to use this king of novelty door knockers there too. If the pirate’s life is for you, or if you read Treasure Island a bit too much as a kid, then this novelty door knocker is probably what you should have on your door. Of course, there’s nothing weird about it. Having a skull as your door knocker is a completely acceptable thing, we promise.

Greenman Door Knocker

If you’re looking at novelty door knockers and you’re disappointed in the lack of knockers depicting odd-looking men with “Karate Kid” style mustaches, then boy, do we have the knocker for you! This door knocker holds some cultural significance, though we’re honestly not sure which culture, but considering you’re looking at buying one, you may. So go ahead, enjoy your mustache culture, you won’t regret it. But maybe let us know what exactly it is too because honestly, we’re too afraid to ask at this point.

Gothic Dragon Door Knocker

Did you grow up obsessed with dragons? Did you collect the blue eyes white dragon Yu-Gi-Oh card? If dragons are your thing, then this is perhaps one of the best novelty door knockers you’ll ever see. Now you can declare your love for all things dragon, pleasing your inner fourth-grader in a classy, cool, adult way. Just never let them see that card, we hear they may be worth something now.

Door Knocker Woodpecker

If you’re very interested in wood, or peckers, or birds staring into the existential void, then this is one of the finest novelty door knockers that you’ll come across today. This door knocker is perfect for nearly any door, as long as you like birds, with their eyes, always following you, waking you up in the morning. Are birds real? This doorknocker sure is.

Rhinoceros Door Knocker

Do you believe in rhinos? They’re not supposed to be dinosaurs but they sure look like a dinosaur. And now you can display this non-dinosaur proudly as a novelty door knocker. Maybe you really like non-dinosaurs, and maybe you really like Africa. There’s no wrong reason to put a rhinoceros door knocker up, and this one is perhaps the nicest out there. This is surely the best of the rhinoceros novelty door knockers.

Gemmy Animated Doorbell-Eyeball

Eye have something amazing to show you! This is perhaps the best sight you’ll see all day. This is one of the finest novelty door knockers on the market today. Give visitors a fright, a laugh, and a look with this fun animated doorbell eyeball knocker. This is perfect for those who like to have a good vision of who is at their door. Now you can keep an eye out much more easily with this novelty door knocker.

Lion Knocker Door Handle

We’d be lion if we didn’t admit that this is one of the best novelty door knockers. This door knocker serves to say that you’re a king, the ruler of your domain. Maybe you’re blonde with unruly hair. Maybe you walk around naked all day. Maybe you just really like cats. Whatever the reason, this lion novelty door knocker is perfect for the cat lover or those with lion qualities. This door knocker is sure to get a good roar out of everyone who sees it.

Vampire Bat Cast Door Knocker

If you’re feeling a little batty. Or maybe you feel like your life is upside down? No matter the case, you won’t have to leave guests hanging at the door anymore. This vampire bat cast door knocker is a fangtastic novelty door knocker for anyone who loves bats, Halloween, or Gothic decor. Constructed to last, this bat will fly with any visitor who comes to the door, except maybe insects, which is really just a bonus of the door knocker.

Door Knocker Elephant

We’ve all heard of the elephant in the room, but what about the elephant at the door? Elephants are known to be good luck. Of course, if you get a lot of unwelcome visitors, this elephant may not be the luck you’re looking for. But for the rest of them, people are sure to stampede to your door, just to get a look at this fine novelty door knocker. This door knocker is sure to give you plenty to trumpet about.

Halloween Skull Doorbell Door Knocker

We understand not being the most social person, some people just don’t have it in their being, their very bones are introverted. Now you can buy other bones to help your introverted bones. Of course, this door knocker is great for skeleton aficionados, but it’s also great for people looking to have some spooky fun as well. Featuring fun sounds and an interesting look, this door knocker is perfect for when you’re looking to rattle some bones, or just have people knock on your door, whichever you prefer.

Bulldog Door Knocker

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Some people ain’t nothing but a hound dog, but they cry all of the time and their ears tend to hang low, maybe they cry over that most of all. Anyway, some people are like bulldogs, and some people really like bulldogs. No, not in that way, do we need to go over tentacles again? If you’re a bulldog lover or know someone who loves bulldogs, then this is the perfect novelty door knocker. Finding bulldog novelty door knockers isn’t always easy, and this one is one of the best available on the market today. Though, to be fair, we’re not sure what exactly the market is for bulldog novelty door knockers, though we know this one is of the best.

DeWinthrop Manor Greenman Door

Are beards in again? No matter if they are or not, this Greenman door knocker is sure to delight all of your hairiest senses and friends. It’s well made, and luxurious, much like the depiction of the bearded man. Whether you love the lore, or you just really like ZZ Top, this is a great option when it comes to novelty door knockers that offer more class and culture. Of course, it’s perceived class and culture, because some people are just going to believe that you really like bearded men. This novelty door knocker can double as a Santa Claus during the holidays, though Santa hat is sold separately.

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17+ Funny & Novelty Door Knockers You Must Have
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