Top 20 Best Weird & Novelty Car Sunshades

Sunshades are practical; however, they do not have to be boring. With different types of funny car sun shades available in the market, you can protect your car’s interior against the scorching sun while amusing passersby with these comical scenes.

The primary goal of having a funny car sunshade is that it is interesting. People love expressing their thoughts in different ways and funny characters on sunshades are on them. Purchasing one of these sunshades will fit in with your personality. Furthermore, a funny car sunshade will make your driving experience more enjoyable while avoiding the heat from the sun.

However, with various types of funny sunshades available in the market, choosing one that best suits your needs is relatively challenging. Fortunately, in this article, we will take you through the top 10 best novelty car sunshades.

Anime Sunshade

Dragon Ball Goku Vegeta Sunshade Cover

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Show your love for anime with the Dragon Ball Goku Vegeta Sunshade Cover. Anime is, without a doubt, very popular in the entertainment industry, and as a Dragon Ball Goku Vegeta fan, having this funny sunshade will definitely appeal to your personality. You can make it feel like these anime characters have come to life and are in your car.

Therefore, if you want to transform your car into a Millennium Falcon, then this anime sunshade will help you achieve that with the utmost ease. This is funny since the idea of having anime characters in your car is enough to make most individuals smirk.

Itachi Naruto Anime Car Sunshade

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If you count yourself among millions of Naruto fans, then this Itachi Naruto Anime Car Sunshade will be best for you. This shade will allow you to make it feel as if Itachi Naruto is in your car chilling. The picture of this anime character on this sunshade is vibrant, and it will, without a doubt, make anime lovers laugh.

Anyone who comes across this sunshade will get a kick of it; therefore, it is well worth your consideration. In addition to being a top-notch anime sunshade, this product is made from high-quality material; thus, you are guaranteed to have value for your money.

Cowboy Bebop Car Sunshade

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Another top-notch anime sunshade worth mentioning is the Cowboy Bebop car sunshade. This sunshade will give you a unique and funny design that will best display your love for anime. Furthermore, this car sunshade features an interesting pattern, and it comes with two suckers through chicken eyes that will stick perfectly to your windshield. The design of this anime sunshade will get all anime lovers laughing out loud.

Demon Slayer Sunshades

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Keep your car cool and protected against the sun’s UV rays with this accordion sunshade with Demon Slayer graphics. There is nothing that screams protection like a Demon Slayer; therefore, installing this sunshade in your car will not only show your sense of humor but also protect your vehicle against harmful UV rays. The best part is that this product is designed from high-quality material, meaning that it is worth the price.

ONE Punch Man Sunshades

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Heavenly Battle Anime One-Punch Man Sunshade punches UV rays off your car every single time. This car sunshade has been designed to offer utmost protection against UV rays, making it one of the best novelty car sunshades for blocking every UV punch the sun throws at your car. Therefore, your vehicle will be fully protected against the sun hence preventing the interior of your car from bleaching.

Funny Dog Sunshades

Funny Dog Driving Sunshades

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You do not have to be an anime lover to have access to some of the best novelty car sunshades; like a dog lover, you can also lay your hand on some great and funny dog sunshades like the Funny Dog Driving Sunshades.

This sunshade looks like a real dog is behind the wheels, making it a perfect way of greeting everyone passing by your car. Let your car have a sleek look while lowering the temperatures inside.

Funny Dog Couples Sunshades

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Rather than having a brand logo or a cartoonish sunshade on your car’s windshield, why not put this adorable Funny Dog Couples Sunshades? The duo will protect your vehicle against UV rays from the sun and keep your car cool while giving it a sleek look. The Funny Dog Couples Sunshades makes a perfect dog sunshade for use this summer as a dog enthusiast.

Golden Retriever Family Sunglasses

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Sunshade for a Golden Retriever Family Sunglasses makes a perfect gift for any dog lover out there. You can consider purchasing this product if you consider a Golden Retriever with sunglasses funny or cute. In addition to showing your sense of humor, this car sunshade displays your love for dogs.

This product is without a doubt funny, and it will appeal to most individuals. It looks fantastic, and the design is eye-catching. If you need a top-notch car sunshade that is also very playful, then the Golden Retriever Family Sunglasses will best suit your bill. Its design will also keep your car cool and protected from UV rays.

Cat and Pug Dog Sunshade

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A funny cat and Pug Dog holding a box of pizza will have anyone passing by your car laugh. This sunshade features an epic picture of a cut holding a glass of beer and a pug dog with a pizza box, making it one of the best sunshades for your car. The two appear to be good friends despite the fact that cats and dogs do not get along. So, if you are a cat and a dog lover, this car sunshade will best suit your needs.

Corgi Dog Butt Sunshade


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If you love Corgi dogs, then you will never go wrong with this funny Corgi Dog Butt Sunshade. Just like how Corgis are excellent watchdogs and guard dogs, this Corgi Dog Butt Sunshade makes a perfect product for protecting your car against UV rays hence maintaining a cool temperature in your vehicle while giving it an incredible look.

Sunshades with Eyes

Disney Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen Sunshade

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Brighten your day with the Disney Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen Sunshade. This product offers the best protection against the sun; it will cover the whole of your car’s windshield, giving it the best Disney’s McQueen look. Furthermore, your kids will fall in love with this sunshade, and it will make them laugh when they see Lightning McQueen in their driveway.

Eyeshadow with Hello Gorgeous Car Sunshade

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Looking for the perfect novelty car sunshade that will give your car a sleek look, then the Eyeshadow with Hello Gorgeous Car Sunshade will fit the bill. In addition to enhancing your car’s look, the Eyeshadow with Hello Gorgeous Car Sunshade will offer your vehicle perfect protection from the sun’s UV rays keeping it cool hence saving your car’s air conditioning.

Red Evil Eyes Sunshade

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Get laughs while keeping your car cool with this happy Halloween Red Evil Eyes sunshade. This car sunshade is a perfect product for displaying your sense of humor while maintaining cool temperatures in your car and protecting it from UV rays.

Furthermore, the Red Evil Eyes Sunshade will give your car a personality making it relatively easy to identify your vehicle in a crowded parking lot. If you need a perfect car sunshade for this year’s Halloween, then the Red Evil Eyes is the product you should look for.

Cute Eye Sunshade

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If you want to overwhelm passersby with cuteness, then Cute Eye Sunshade will be best for you. This car sunshade incorporates a cute cartoon panda design with an attractive, adorable, and shy panda face. With this novelty car sunshade, you will be greeting everyone passing by your car in a fun way while giving your vehicle a sleek and unique look.

In addition to the sleek look this sunshade offers, the cute eyes will protect against UV rays, hence preventing the sun from damaging your car’s interior. The sunshade also aids in maintaining cool temperatures in the vehicle. With this product, you are guaranteed to preserve the integrity of your car’s interior for an extended period while giving your vehicle a cute personality.

Baby Yoda Car Sunshade

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Star Wars is one of the biggest entertainment franchises of all time. The popularity of this science fiction movie cannot be understated. As a Star Wars fan, this funny sunshade of Baby Yoda will definitely appeal to you.

This sunshade of Baby Yoda incorporates a picture straight from Star Wars that is lifelike. The picture gives this sunshade a sleek look which will not only make most people smirk but also protect your car from UV rays.

The best part about using this product is that it is licensed, meaning you do not have to worry about using a bootleg product. Therefore, as a Star Wars fan, you are guaranteed to fall in love with this product.

Funny Sun Shades

Funny Skull Car Sunshade

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Protect your car’s interior against harmful UV rays with this Funny Skull Car Sunshade. This product will keep your car cool while showing off your sense of humor. Its design makes it a perfect Halloween car sunshade.

Made from high-quality material, you are guaranteed utmost protection for an extended period when using this Funny Skull Car Sunshade.

Funny Mermaid, Bigfoot, and Unicorn Sunshade

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If you adore mythical creatures, then no car sunshade will best suit your needs, then this Funny Mermaid, Bigfoot, and Unicorn Sunshade. With Mermaid as the co-driver, Bigfoot as the driver, and unicorn as a passenger, you are guaranteed to make passersby laugh at this excellent novelty car sunshade.

These three mythical creatures make up one of the world’s oddest carpools in a sunshade. In addition to its top-notch design, this product is made from high-quality material and you are guaranteed to offer top-notch protection to your car against the sun’s UV rays. Install it in your car’s windshield and see passersby have double-takes.

Funny Cat Sun Shade

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Are you a feline lover? If yes, consider displaying your affection for cats with this funny cat sunshade. In addition to the cat design, this car sunshade is undoubtedly amusing and lets the passersby know you are a cat lover.

Its design will also appeal to people who love to express themselves through funny pictures. The design of this car sunshade is sleek, and it is without a doubt very eye-catching. Therefore, if you are on the lookout for a high-quality and playful theme of a funny cat, then this one fits your description.

The design is sleek and functional, meaning that your car will receive utmost protection against UV while maintaining cool temperatures inside. And the best part is that installing this sunshade is relatively easy.

Creepy Ghost Hand Sunshade

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Get laughs as you scare people with this Creepy Ghost Hand Sunshade. This Creepy Ghost Hand Sunshade will not only scare people by also scare away UV rays hence giving your car maximum protection for years to come.

With this sunshade, you are guaranteed to give your car a scary personality while giving it protection with a sense of humor. This product also serves as a perfect sunshade for use during Halloween.

In addition to its outstanding design, this product is made from high-quality material, meaning that it will give your car protection for years to come and that it is worth the price.

Funny 2 Kitten Sunshade

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The Funny 2 Kitten Sunshade incorporates one of the funniest and most unique designs in this list. Get the attention of passersby with this car sunshade and let them know your sense of humor. The best part is that this windshield visor cover can be personalized.

In addition to its unique design, this sunshade is designed from high-quality material with strap closure to offer better lasting durability along with utmost protection from UV rays radiating from the sun. Its design makes it perfect for use in a parking lot, road trips, sports, hiking, picnics, and other outdoor activities. It also serves as an ideal gift for individuals who love cats.

Top 20 Best Weird & Novelty Car Sunshades
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