9 Hilariously Prank Items for Your Friends & Family

You’re trying to prank someone

And you’re looking for fun and funny ideas to start your prank.

This post will give 9 super funny ideas that you can prank on just about anyone.

The best part of these ideas is no one will get physically harm if you use the way it is intended for. Since they are practical joke gift boxes, does require you to be present.

Another great thing about this list of prank items, you can implement these ideas today!

Disclaimer: We earn a small commission if you decide to go with these prank ideas from Amazon at no extra cost to you. We use these small funds to pay bills and creation for more awesome content. Thank you!

Since that is out of the way, let’s start with the list.

Ship Your Friends an Embarrassing Box Prank: Big Ass Dildos

No products found.

You don’t even need to conduct this prank yourself. In fact, no one will know that you did it.

All you need is their personal address and this prank will literally ship it to them and have your puzzle your target and embarrass them in front of anyone in their house.

This one will definitely work for girls since is a dildo. Don’t wanna get caught pulling pranks, this prank mail package is the way to go.

Ship Vaginal Odor Helper Prank

No products found.

The same concept as the dildo prank is called the vaginal odor helper prank. You put your target address information and Amazon will ship this prank to them.

Just more variety, just in case dildo is not what you’re looking for.

Embarrassing Box Prank: MicroPenisCure

No products found.

Maybe vagina is not is not your thing but penis is!

Perfect to prank a guy!

Bag Of Dicks Sent Anonymously

No products found.

This another anonymous prank but this prank is edible, which means you anonymously buy and mail a bag of dicks.

It’s literal dick shaped gummy bears, bet whoever is getting this will enjoy it.

A light hearted prank for you pranks and this would work on anyone while the same time they are hilarious.

Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb

This prank will literally ruin your friends day. Although this is hilarious.

You can send this glitter bomb through mail anonymously too.

Send this prank item through Amazon.

Fake Lottery Tickets ScratchOff Or Fake Winning Scratch Cards

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This is a lighted hearted prank that would work on anyone and nothing more hilarious than someone thinking that they won a ton of money with a fake scratch card only to later reveal its fake.

Gag lottery scratch card. This is perfect for a friends & family.

Creeper Peeping on Window

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A different kind of prank. Place this creep toy on your target window and this will literally scare them off.

Remote Control Fake Cockroach

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Almost 99% of people in this world is afraid of cockroaches and that is fact. This remote fake roach will allow you to control the roach and make the roach approach your target person and scare the living out them only for your enjoyment and laughter.

Remote Control Spider

No products found.

Maybe roaches is not for you. You want to go more terrifying! You want to be more hardcore with your pranks.

And a spider, oh boy, will do the trick. If you think roaches are scary then spiders will really put your target on the run. Like literally!

Nothing is more hilarious than someone running for their life from a spider. That’s very mean though, although that the point.

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9 Hilariously Prank Items for Your Friends & Family
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